Lootpop (2016 - current)

Lootpop is a money-saving app that brings you the latest deals and promotions that are relevant to you or from the brands you love.

It started in 2016 as a freebies marketplace. Went through some changes, and was put on hold for some years as we had a fulltime job. Now, we are back on it.

Coinpop (2021)

Coinpop is a Telegram crypto trading bot that send buy or sell signals.

The buy and sell algorithm (strategy) is determined by a combination of several technical indicators. It has quite a good win percentage of around 70% on average.

PlayRally (2014)

PlayRally is a mobile app for gamers communicate, collaborate and coordinate with their clan, guild or alliance members outside of the game.

We pulled the plug on this halfway through. At that time, there were no framework like React Native or Flutter that I can leverage on so that I can build for both iOS and Android using a single codebase.

Picmoji (2013)

Picmoji is an iPhone app that allows users to add “emoji” to their photos making them more meaningful and expressive.

This was my first iOS app published on the App Store, written in Objective-C. I’ve made few dollars from IAP but was not enough to cash out.

Catmoji (2012)

Catmoji is a place for cat lovers to share, discover and enjoy cat pictures and videos through emoji.

This project is a pivot from Flvrd and by far the most successful project to date that we have launched, in terms of buzz and users. It went viral on the Internet. Internet + cats, what can go wrong? We ended up shutting it down because the operational cost is just too high for us to bear and we were unable to monitize it fast enough.

Flvrd (2011)

Flvrd is a place where flavors meet visuals. Flvrd lets you share and explore interesting pictures or videos through flavors.

The idea of Flvrd is that you can react to pictures and videos using flavors like heart, LOL, shocked, etc and browse them based on these flavors. At the time, it was quite unique, and I belief we were the first to do so, way before Facebook implements its post reaction feature.

TriColumn (2006)

TriColumn is a three-column WordPress theme with one sidebar on the left and the other on the right.

I created this theme for my own blog and later released it to the public. At that time, most free WordPress themes were single-column layout. I wanted a three column theme so that I can put more ads on it. It was theme number 68 on WordPress.org.