Today, I’m happy and proud to announce the launch of Fryday an experimental project by @koekoecrunch and me, @matthewphiong.

Fryday What?

Fryday Logo

Fryday is a web app that let you express your anger, frustration, hatred, outrage or whatever negative on Friday. Yes, just on Friday. It allows you to post your messages, pictures, videos or voice screams securely (secured with bank-level data encryption). You’ll be able to share with your friends, your selected friends and have a good laugh about it.

One common use of Fryday is to take a picture of your boss, doodle on it (uhmm… like “Stop throwing me work you bitch! It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get lost on Friday”) to release your anger and then upload it to Fryday. You can select which friends to share with and have a LMFAO!

Why Fryday?

As we all know, Friday is the most tense and frustrating day of the week. This very day that is all about work, work and work and deadline, deadline and deadline. When we are all excited and planning our weekend, Friday will come and spoil it. So, we really can’t stand Friday and because of that we really want to FRY it! Hence Fryday was born.

Oh BTW, Fryday (the name) is highly inspired by Rebecca Black’s Friday. Thanks Rebecca! We ♥ your Friday.

Fryday FYI

We have been working on this on and off for more than 6 months now. Here are some unbelievable and shocking stats (even we are shocked!)

  • 1000 litres of sweat drained.
  • 100 kilograms of caffeine consumed.
  • 500 SMS sent.
  • 250 papers wasted.
  • 25 Fridays wasted.
  • 500 kilograms of chocolate strawberry cakes consumed.
  • And most recently… 100 hours of Rebecca Black’s Friday!

Excuse us if Fryday is not as good as it sounds or hyped. FYI I’m learning Django and Koekoe is learning Illustrator while building this app, we are still very noob. We hope this app will make you feel as good as having a delicious chocolate strawberry cake on Friday. Anyway, we hope you don’t hate it 🙂

P.S. Happy 1st of April 🙂

matt & koekoe
[email protected]

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