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The Journey of Imagine Cup 2009 Worldwide Finals

It has been quite some time I didn’t blog, mainly because of the preparation for Imagine Cup 2009 finals at Cairo. But I do twitter and facebooking… best channels to check if I’m still alive!

My last post about IC 09 was in 5th of June and hell, it has been over 1 month since! IC 2009 has passed but now I’m going to write my IC 09 journey. Lets start!

Oh God… I think it will be a hell long story to pen down my journey (I love coding and designing more than writing). But no worries, I’ll be compiling pictures in slides to tell the story. I think this is better as you guys might want to see some pictures too :) I’ll embed it here (via Slideshare) as soon as everything is ready.

At the mean time, you might (or might not) know, we have won the 1st Place for Design for Development Award at the Worldwide finals. You guys can read the story here:

I’m off!

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