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Rackspace Cloud to Linode, A Perfect Switch

Perfect for two reasons: cost and performance (speed).

I was a Cloud Sites customer since October 2009. Back then it was $100/month but recently it has gone up to $149/month. Old customers like me are not affected by the new pricing, I’m still billed $100/month.

Well, I never though of making any switch… away from Rackspace Cloud. Rackspace has been fantastic all this while and I’m very happy with them. But after reading this post at Hacker News and Linode was mentioned couple of times, I decide to give it a try.

I signed up for a Linode 512 plan (512MB RAM, 16GB storage & 200GB transfer), setup a LAMP stack and quickly port one of my blogs over. The immediate effect is the loading speed — way faster than Rackspace. I googled and found more positive and funny reviews about Linode, mostly about speed. I’m half sold.

When I look back at Cloud Sites, my blogs and websites only consume around 1/5 of the monthly allocated resources, so in other words, I’m paying $80 ‘extra’ every month. OMG, but true. My blogs’ traffic have gone down gradually over the months because I no longer blog actively. Based on my calculation, if I move everything over I’ll not max out the resources at Linode.

So, I’ve decided to make the full switch and move everything over to Linode. It took me around a day to setup everything and now all my blogs and websites are living happily ever after at Linode for $19.95. I get to save $80, a big big saving considering I’m going to launch my startup, Traveloot soon.

If you want to give Linode a try, perhaps you can use my Linode referral link. I’d be very very happy. TIA.

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