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MSR India Hands On!

Phew… It has been one week plus a month since I first arrived in Bangalore on 2nd of Jan. Well, I’ve pretty much get used to the environment – culture, people, food and the traffic here. OK, so after four weeks of internship at Microsoft Research Lab India (MSR India), I experienced something really different, inside. People there are ever so hardworking and passionate in what they do… but when it comes to chill out time, they are no less than a bunch of super crazy dudes! Below: Oh… dancing all night at TAB Cocktails and Dinner.

Work hard, partying? Even harder!

There are lots of places to hang out for discussion, drink and breakfast (that is what we do every morning at third floor). Below: Lazy chairs good for a quick nap and those square wooden benches, that is our breakfast hang out place!

MSRI has a few spots to chill out. This is my fav!

Cool gadgets, yes there are. Microsoft Surface is quite impressive but too bad Xbox 360 is not there… it was there once upon a time. Below: Surface awesomeness!

Very rare gadget.

We get unlimited sugar and caffeine, which is a Microsoft tradition since the very beginning. The pantry has lots of drinks, snacks and fruits. Too bad there is no mash potato machine (Microsoft Malaysia has one!) Fruits are fresh and big…the bananas are so lovely that lured KS to eat 6 of those every day! Below: Apple and ciku from MSRI’s pantry.

Fruits from the pantry...

Lunch is great too but we have been very careful when eating – avoid chewing chili, which is super duper hot, at least for us. Snack’s time is equally great with a lot of surprises, sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not but nonetheless good to try because you will never get those in Malaysia. IMHO, the most enjoyable place to be is the top of the building, especially during sunset. You will get a good view of Bangalore, not all but part of it.

Best thing to enjoy every evening.

Above: A great view from top of MSRI’s building. MSRI (Bangalore) is a nice place to be if you like spicy food and a not too cold and not too hot weather. For me, it is the best working place I’ve ever work at.

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