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Hello WordPress, Bye Posterous

I’ve been switching back and forth between various blogging platforms  — WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous. If my memory serves me right, I started off with WordPress, then Tumblr, and back to WordPress before ended up with Posterous. Now, I’m back on WordPress.

Past few months, I’m contemplating a move from Posterous for two reasons — speed and flexibility.

  • Speed — Posterous is slow, and getting slower after they roll out Posterous Spaces. Back in the early days when I started using Posterous, loading my blog and the blog management pages is pretty fast but now, speed bump everywhere. Try search for posterous is slow on Google.
  • Flexibility — Posterous’ simplicity is great, but because of that it’s not very flexible. You can’t embed Javascript snippets and do much modification besides the look and feel. Those like me who want more control, a self-hosted WordPress is a better choice.

So, it’s time to switch back to a self-hosted WordPress blog and here I am. Now I’ve total control over every aspect of my blog from the speed to the look and feel. If you are wondering how I migrate from Posterous to a self-hosted WordPress, check out this post by Antonio Cangiano.

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