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Bangalore Hands On!

It has been a day since arriving in Bangalore. I love the chilling but not freezing cold weather. Yeah… it is now winter in Bangalore where min is around 16 degree Celsius and max is about 27 (which is the min in Malaysia).

Oh ya, the only thing Malaysia don’t have is the yellow-black ‘tut tut’ taxi, a marriage between a mini car and a motorbike. Quite cute though :)

The "Tut tut" taxi

Food wise, looks fine for me, I had lunch at ChicKing at Garuda Mall and dinner at Pizza Hut somewhere around the area where I stay. Almost every food stall/restaurant has vegetarian meal which is good for a vegie lover like my friend Koe Koe.

There are also lots of “Starbucks” there… they called it Coffee Day.

The Indian version of Starbucks

The only thing that I’m uncomfortable with is the honking made by the vehicles on the road. I can say almost all vehicles horn every 10 or 20 meters :x

Pretty nice guest apartment

Overall… nothing to complain about, the apartment and services provided by Microsoft is great :)

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